PM360 Hails Bioinformatix' Rx&You

Insurance Trade Journal Names Bioinformatix' Rx&You 1 of 6 Digital Health Companies to Keep an Eye On

With an subscription base of 18,000 insurance professionals, we are interested in the new companies that continue to emerge with the goal of improving, or even revolutionizing, the healthcare industry. The following six companies are particularly worthy of attention for life sciences companies looking for new partners or those who are just monitoring how healthcare may change.


Bioinformatix is a digital health company that is revolutionizing healthcare delivery by using medication intelligence to improve clinical outcomes and medication safety while substantially reducing costs. Our cloud-based enterprise platform, Rx&You, operationalizes medication intelligence by connecting patients, providers, and payers, then using multiple levels of AI to maximize engagement and clinical outcomes. It also coordinates care across many providers, predicts patients at risk, prevents interactions, and e-reports adverse events.


Rx&You can improve medication adherence and drug safety by 7% to 61% in the highest cost-category of patients. It is attacking a $715 billion annual cost problem by enhancing adherence, preventing interactions, coordinating care, e-reporting adverse events, and continuous deep learning. Rx&You can also give pharma companies a unified view of all global clinical trials in real time, keep patients on treatment to improve trials, and unify trial data for future R&D.


Bioinformatix is operational and available for pilots or production. Rx&You was the only global finalist in 2016 for both the C3 Prize at Stanford MedX and the World Technology Award in health and medicine.

Posted in In The News on Jul 01, 2017