The Solution

We are inventing the future of medication healthcare.

The RX&You solution combines five technologies of the future that can learn and rank the effectiveness of every medication for every patient while maximizing care quality and dramatically reducing its cost simultaneously.

10 Essential Technologies
Genetics - We are implementing genomic variance profiles, how each human’s genome is unique, to combine with clinical outcomes of regimens, and adverse event information, towards creating a “Codex” for personalized medication treatment.
Internet of Things (IoT) - Rx&You is designed to ingest streams of patient-generated data from the burgeoning IoT, predicted to hit 30 billion sensors and devices by 2020, to know and analyze the impacts of medication for the 99.9% of the time patients are outside of a care center.
Artificial Intelligence - Rx&You analyzes streams of patient-generated data from the IoT with an inference-based AI rules engine to predict treatment non-adherence to prevent it, and automatically alert critical developments to maximize treatment outcomes and safety.
Blockchain - On Rx&You’s technology “future roadmap” is to implement block-chain to enable payers, providers, and pharmas to implement pay-for-performance (P4P) directly with patients.
Big Data - By collecting every medication event for millions of patients, Rx&You intends to leverage these billions of facts for comparative effectiveness research to learn which medication combinations are most efficacious, safe, and the best value for all patients and all diseases, and re-use this Big Data for research to improve public health.

The RX&You™ Platform

Cloud Computing
Our cloud platform ingests and collects streams of patient data, and transforms it into meaning and acts.
Patients receive alerts & education how they prefer, when & how to take their medications, tracking behavior and side effects.
Smartphone With Internet Connection
Providers receive team-wide reports and real-time alerts from platform’s AI rules and predictive analytics.
Phone Call
Providers prioritize risks & intervene, preventing expensive medical consequences by getting the right info at right times.